The science department designs The 4 SSTA

Emilie T. Esquivel

The science department adopted the “round robin” delivery scheme or Specialized Science Teachers Adviser (SSTA) where teachers work within their field of specialization namely, Earth and Space, Biology, Chemistry and Physics. In this approach, all science teachers will meet the different grade levels based on how their specialization coincides with the requirements of the curriculum guide for the grading period.  In practice, four science teachers- adviser were assigned to 55 learners – Grade 10 section.  The four teachers with their specialized field as mentioned, shall also act as their class advisers during the school year. This method will pave the way for the compliance with Bruner’s Spiral Curriculum model where students continuously return to basic idea as new subjects and concepts.


In addition, the program may also be viewed as an intervention for learning that utilizes four different advisers with varied field of specialization.  Furthermore, it aims to produce zero rate retention and zero dropped out rate specifically in science subjects.

This program design, Four Specialized Science Teachers Advisers (4 SSTA), is made possible with the participation of the 4 SSTA team members through the effect of Ms. Emilie T. Esquivel, the proponent.