Senior Girl Scouts joins “Weekend Camp”

               Senior Girl Scouts from Grade 7- 10  joined the yearly “Weekend Camp” with the theme : Free Being Me “ held in PCEHS school ground  on  Jan. 28,2017  headed by  Mrs. Mae D. Tupasi, Camp Director/Program Coordinator .

           The Kapers (term used for girl scouts ) had fun during the Friday evening activities( Jan. 27 ),  especially during the camp fire with the other teacher-scout masters:(Buss.Managers )Mrs. Susan B. Babac, Ms. Lenelyn Lopez ; ( Health Sanitation Officer ) Mrs. Primeriza Villaruel; (Camp Host), Ms. Esther Ariem;  ( Photographers ), Mrs. Rina Mendoza; ( Guider-in-charge ),Mrs. Chandrina Baysantos and Mrs. Thelma Ruby Macalinao ; and ( In-charge for food ), Mrs. Redesa Loterina .

            Saturday activities started with an early morning ( 5 A.M.) physical fitness  followed by breakfast, then the color ceremony  and the main activities which included Introduction about Free Being Me discussed by Ms. Mae Tupasi, Base 1- Image Myth, Base 2 – Image Myth , Base 2 – Bubble Massage , Base 3 – Mask Painting , and Base 4 – T- shirt lay-outing .

         Ms. Gerla Mateo, one of the trainers of GSP Pasay Council ,rendered voluntarily her service as the resource speaker about “The Scouting Movement”. 

            Mrs. Marina M. Magbago, GSP – Pasay Council President inspired the Kapers by emphasizing the role of girl scouts not only in school but in the community and the country.

            “Dapat kayo ang modelo hindi lang ng kapwa nyo scouts kundi ng lahat ng kabataan. Isabuhay ninyo ang lahat ng mabubuting gawain at kagandahang asal na natutunan ninyo,” Mrs. Magbago said.

            Mr. Peter R. Cannon, Principal III, reiterated that the Kapers must live up to the “Promise and Laws of the Girl Scout Movement”; that they must be the examples of  good character “ Ang tunay na kagandahan ay sa magandang ugali makikita,”his meaningful words for the Kapers. –Helen Dimafelix

            In his closing remarks, Mr. Baltazar Gonzaga meaningfully said  that  as the Weekend Camp aimed to develop young leaders, it should start in developing their self-confidence.

          Both Mr. Cannon and Mr. Gonzaga expressed their joy that PCEHS is  again active in the scouting movement   and they hope for more scouting activities in the future.    

PCEHS scribes attend 40th RSSPC
     PCEHS scribes together with their respective advisers/trainers( The Fawn and Ang Libay ), attended the 40th Regional Secondary Schools Press Conference to compete in the different categories : ( Individual)Copy Reading and Headline Writing, Editorial Writing, Science and Health News Writing, News Writing , Feature Writing, Editorial Cartooning, Sports Writing, and (Group ) Radio Broadcasting and Collaborative Desktop Publication .
Young journalists from different divisions in the National Capital Region gathered in Valenzuela Astrodome ,Valenzuela City for the Opening Program of the 40th RSSPC with the theme: “Strengthening Freedom of Information through Campus Journalism”, last November 22, 2016 .
     Honorable Guest Speaker Congressman Rex Gatchalian emphasized in his speech the rights of students expressed through journalism, as well as the program his city promotes to help improve the quality of education for all.
     The yearly Regional Press Conference not only motivates young blood just for competition but also motivates them to pursue their dreams to make it big in the field of journalism.

– By Mickey Polistico

PCEHS teaching and non-teaching personnel  support a “VAW-free community”

PCEHS Teaching and non-teaching personnel accepted the challenge to support  a “VAW – free community” as they took the  “Oath of Commitment” led by Mr. Wilson Pangan from the MAPEH Dept. during  the one-day seminar on Gender and Development  last Dec.17, 2016 in the school’s Audio –Visual Room.

In his opening remarks, Mr. Peter R. Cannon ,Principal III of PCEHS   encouraged everyone to help spread the message of GAD to the community as he thanked the 161 attendees for their presence in the Saturday seminar with the topic: “Anti-Violence Against Women and Children for teaching and non- teaching personnel. “

Ms. Marita Castillo Pimentel, the Resource Speaker is a member of the National Gender and Development Resource Pool, Philippine Commission on Women, said that they aim to raise consciousness on the understanding of the role of school to stop violence against women, thus, the seminar’s objectives were directed to the understanding of the concept of violence against women  and valuing the role of schools in eliminating violence against women .

Ms. Pimentel also discussed important points about   RA 9262- Anti-VAWC Act, a special law protecting women and their children from all forms of abuse which took effect in March 27,2004.

She emphasized   that “Violence against women and their children” refers to any act or a series of acts committed by any person against a woman which result in or is likely to result in physical, sexual, psychological harm or suffering, or economic act.”

The teachers and the non-teaching personnel were one in the campaign to a “VAW-free Community Starts with Me” aiming to give emphasis on the continuous pursuit of achieving a Vaw-free community through everyone’s commitment and contributions  to end Violence  Against Women.

As part of the campaign, VAW advocates encourage schools to  include concepts of VAW and women’s human rights in lesson plans/lesson guides of the teaching staff as well as to continually conduct/spearhead anti-VAW advocates in the campus, and where possible to the immediate community through extension programs.

 Helen G. Dimafelix

Student leaders attend GAD seminar

Student leaders of Pasay City East High School attended a one-day seminar on Gender and Development (GAD ) last Dec.14,2016  in the school’s Audio Visual Room.

The guest speaker, Ms. Jocelyn G. Beltran -Balanag, member, National Gender and Development Resource Pool, PCW , talked about the difference between gender and sex as well as gender equality and the laws on anti- sexual harassment .

GAD seminar was attended by Homeroom presidents from Grade 7 to Grade 11 together with the leaders- participants from the Supreme Student Government ( SSG ) and Campus Integrity Crusaders ( CIS ).

“ This seminar aims to give you information kung ano nga ba ang pagkakaiba ng Sex sa Gender,” Ms. Jocelyn Balanag  emphasized . She also added that it was so important for young people to know the meaning of these two words, so that confusion and conflict could be avoided .

The young participants showed their full support and active participation in their presentation of their yells and songs promoting GAD advocacy.

Mr. Peter R. Cannon, Jr. encouraged the young leaders,“ I challenge you to share the information you learned from this seminar to other students and the young people in your community.” Lance Rivera

14th SOCCA
CALIXTO assures children’s health

          Mayor Antonino G. Calixto assures children’s rights in the 14th State of City ChildrenAddress (SOCCA  last Nov. 11, 2016 at the Cuneta Astrodome, Pasay City.

            Through the  SOCCA, Pasayenos are well informed about the programs, achievements and successes of  the City Government of Pasay  much more , its future plans in making  the quality of education for the Children of Pasay at par with its Asian counterparts.

            The 14th SOCCA  was themed “ISULONG: KALIDAD NG EDUKASYON PARA SA LAHAT NG MGA BATA” which aimed to promote high standard of education for all the youth of Pasay ; to  provide the children their needs; to address their  mental and health problems and at the same time to end cases of child abuses.

           “Aside from providing the children the quality education, we also want to make sure that the children are physically and mentally healthy so that they will learn their lessons well inside the classroom”. Calixto said.

           In partnership with the Department of Social Welfare and Development, the city government assures the health and nutrition programs are implemented: new born screening, expanded program on immunization, micronutrients deficiencies prevention and control program, better oral health for the community, infant and young children nutrition, operation timbang plus, food supplementation program, integrated management of childhood illness, and control of tuberculosis in children.

             The Mayor encouraged the students, the parents, the whole community of Pasay to cooperate with the government so that all plans and programs of the city will be successful.

             Calixto encouraged everyone to cooperate and work hand in hand with the city government of Pasay.

        He also showcased the improvements of Pasay with the continuing support of the local government by providing new school buildings with complete facilities and by giving scholarships programs for deserving students. Apart from the programs for the youth, the mayor also introduced its housing program for teachers.

            The Pasayeno Children proved that they are the hope of the future as the audience are touched by their performances.

                                                                                       – By: Joyce Mickey B. Polistico

Cannon delivers SOSA

                 Peter R. Cannon ,Principal III of Pasay City East High School delivers the historic State of the School Address (SOSA) with the  aim to inform the stakeholders about the growth, achievements and future plans of the school administration .

Through a power point presentation, Cannon proudly discussed the school’s achievements starting from the increase in the enrolment for 3 consecutive academic years and looking forward to a continuous growth particularly in Grades 11 and 12.

Cannon  showed the Nutrition Health Status as well as the success of the school’s feeding program where the beneficiaries are the selected 50 Grade 7 students and 22 Grade 8 students based from reported  nutritional status and he emphasized that the 35%  combined profit of the School Managed canteen and the School’s Cooperative is allocated for the program .

He encouraged parents to allow their children to avail of free vaccination and other medical activities/services offered and supervised by the professional doctors and nurses from the medical team of the Division of Pasay as he also reiterated   that almost 95 % of Grade 7 students were vaccinated, 1000 were de-wormed and 90 students were given anti-tetanus vaccine.

An update was made regarding the improvement of the air conditioned Learning Resource Center monitored by CCTV camera and 14 newly installed computer units with internet and printers which are available for all learners and teachers.

“ The school library is nominated for the ‘Most Outstanding Library’,” Cannon proudly announced.

Cannon reiterated that these achievements are not possible  without the support of the Local Government headed by City Mayor Antonino “ Tony” Calixto and Congrsswoman Emi CalixtoRubiano who had the biggest part in the school improvement in terms of facilities both for  the Junior and Senior High School programs.

Cannon also mentioned the achievements and  awards received by PCEHS students from different grade levels : First Place in Summer Reading Camp 2016; 4thPlace in NCR BrigadaEskwela ( 2nd Place, Division Level), 3rd Place in Caltex; First Place in Clash of Class held at Ocean Park; Division Press Conference Winners:Vergel  C. Ortiz, 3rd Best Output in Sports Writing; 3rd Best Output, Lance Diamond Raῆon in Science and Health Writing; Christine Mae O. Laguna, 4th Best Output in Photojournalism ; Mark Aurelio Bagazin, 1st Best Output in Pagkuha ng Larawan ; Lance T. Rivera, 2nd Best Output in Pagsulat ng BalitangIsports; Allen C. Iraola, 2nd Best Output in PaglalarawangEditoryal; Jessica Castor, 2nd Best Output in Pagsulat ng Editoryal;  Nicka Joy Algo, 4th Best Output in Pagsulat ng Balita and Jade Ann Quebec, 4th Best Output in Pagsulat ng Lathalain.

Moreover, he discussed the reasons of drop out where family problem ranked first followed by lack of interest, distance of school, illness, work and early pregnancy , which he followed up with an appeal to parents to build communication with their children  because it is the key to a good relationship as he also encouraged them to guide the young and lead them to a bright future .

Cannon ended his talk with this—“Our goal is to give education for all”.

-By: Joyce Mickey Polistico

20th APHCA Hair Olympics held

                The  Asia Pacific Hairdressers and Cosmetologists Association ( APHCA ) held its 20th Hair Olympics at SMX Convention Center ,MOA last Oct. 26,2016.

Present in the formal opening and ribbon cutting were Senator Bam Aquino, Pasay City First Lady Edna Calixto, former First lady Ming Ramos, businessman Hans Sy and Sri lankan Ambassador AruniRanaraja.

The APHCA was formed in 1997 by a group of international  and local professionals in the beauty industry to organize international events and be able to share knowledge, creativity and ideas among its  member countries.

APHCA  Annual International event dubbed as “Hair Olympics “ is usually held in different APHCA member countries.

Since the establishment of APHCA in 1997,members took turns in hosting the international event  : Taiwan,1999 and 2015; Thailand,2002 and 2014 ;Malaysia, 2012 ;Indonesia, 2011 ;Macau , 2001 and 2010 ; South Korea, 1997 and 2009 ; Philippines, 1998 and 2008 ; China, 2007; Japan, 2006; Mongolia , 2000 and 2005; Australia, 2004 ; Sri Lanka , 2003 .

More than 1,000 participants from the Asia Pacific Region, around 5,000local hairdressers, trade visitors and Tech-Voc students joined the prestigious event.

Through the generosity of Mr. Peter R. Cannon, Principal III of PCEHS, Mrs. Alicia Dela Pena, EPS- TLE/HE, and SDS, Dr. Evangeline P. Ladines, CESO VI, SHS from Grade 11- Diamond had the opportunity to attend the event and  considered the experience one of a kind as they witnessed how  different models from 18 countries performed in different categories : Men’s Cut and Blow-Dry, Avant- Garde , Evening Party Make-up, Bridal make – Up, Evening Party Hairstyle and Nail Art.

Macau was the Over – all Champion in the Olympics.

Native cultural dances were performed by  the delegates from Korea, China, Japan, Thailand and Philippines .

The event was culminated with Ricky Reyes handing over the APHCA flag to South Korean leader Eung Soo Kang as Korea will host the 21st  Hair Olympics in 2017.


 SHS students win free trainings

SHS students win free trainings in the 3-day Free Technical Seminar and Exhibit of the Philippine Welding Society (PWS) last October 6, 7, and 8, 2016 at the SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City.

SHS Salvador N. Buenavista and Edmond Samillano, both  from Grade 11 Sapphire won 20,000 peso worth of training for Gas Tungsten Arc Welding ( GTAW ) and 12,000 peso worth Center, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City.

Topics such as Welding Practitioners’ Guide to the Fundamentals of Surface Flaw Detection, Augmented Reality Training for Welding, Train Blended, Train Better: Improving Student Outreach and Engagement, Power wave Equipment for Asian Skills in World Skills, Welding Engineering, Welder’s Qualification, Corrosion of Welding, The Fuel Cylinder in Welding Plasma  and Cutting Application, Safety in Welding and Cutting and Allied Process, Risk Management and its Application to Cutting and Welding, and the Extent of Inspection in Welding Operations were successfully presented by experts and practitioners .



PCEHS wins  in the  Science Division Quest ’16

                 Pasay City East High School bags 1st place in Science Quiz Bee Grade-8 and Grade 10 levels and 1st  runner up in Ecorampa held at TimoteoPaez Elementary School in Pasay City this day of October 14, 2016.

Present in the program were Dr. Evangeline P. Ladines, CESO VI, School Division Supervisor ; Dr. Rolando E. Soriano, Principal IV; Mrs. Marifaz T. Mendoza, Education Program Supervisor in Science; teachers from the  elementary and high school levels with the pupil/ student – contestants in the quiz bee.

PCEHS representatives, Jessie Dhiosane Petalio, from Grade -8 Narra and Chester Paulo Alcala ,from Grade 10- Rizal  won First Place in their respective year levels in the  Science Quiz Bee 2016 together with Kei Delacruz and Jerick Crisostomo as the  1st runners up in “Ecorampa”.

The “Ecorampa” models wore a gown and suit made of tiny lotto papers designed by the students and the science teachers themselves.

Trainers for the Science Quiz Bee were Ms. Mary Ann Magpusao for Grade 8, Ms. Raquel Besmano for Grade 10 and Ms. Mary Jane Mendoza for the “Ecorampa”

With the theme, “ Environmental Protection and Conservation of the Ecosystem”. DepEd aims to instill in the minds and hearts of the youth through education the love, care and concern for their environment for the present and the future generation.

                                                                                                     -By: Vergel C. Ortiz

SSG leads “World Teachers’ Day” celebration

Supreme Student Government (SSG) led the celebration of “World Teachers’ Day” on October 5, 2016, at the school’s gymnasium with the theme “Guro Kaakibat sa Pagbabago”.

The program started with the Entrance of Colors followed by the singing of the National Anthem, the prayer led by the SSG Officers and the singing of Pasay March.

SSG Vice President June RencelGuzarem was applauded in his opening remarks as he emphasized, “all teachers are heroes”.

“Apart from teachers, we can’t achieve success; therefore teachers are very important in the lives of all the young people or students”, this was part of the heart-warming inspirational message of Mr. Peter R. Cannon Jr., Principal III of PCEHS.

Mr. Peter R. Cannon, Dr. Felina P. Patagan, ATTP,  and the Department Heads led the  recognition of teacher-awardees for the “Loyalty Awards” ( 40th ,35th ,30th ,25th,20th ,15th year ) and “Excellence Awards” plus the Top Teacher-Performers in Quipper School .

Selected students from Gr.9 and Gr.10 showcased their energetic performances while the”Special Yell” for teachers made the celebration livelier.

Mr.  Cannon, together with   Dr. Patagan, surprised the teachers with a raffle of gifts and cash prizes.

Before the end of the program Mr. Peter R. Cannon Jr. sang “Basta kasama kita” for all the teachers and students.

In her closing remarks, Victoria Isabel D. Busaco , SSG President thanked everyone for the support and efforts extended for the success of the celebration which was happily seconded by Reina Veil Camilon and Vergel Ortiz, the Masters of Ceremonies .

Present during the celebration together with the teachers and students were Councilor Edith “Wowee ‘’ Manguerra and the GPTA Officers.

                                                                – By: Vergel C. Ortiz and Rocelle O. Valdez